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car service at Fangio Auto - 20% Off Major and Minor Services Promotion
Rev up your savings with Fangio Auto's latest offer! Enjoy 20% off on all major and minor car services from 9 July 2024 to 16 July 2024. Whether it's routine maintenance or a comprehensive check-up, our expert technicians are here to keep your car running smoothly. Book your service today and drive away with peace of mind, knowing you've received top-quality care at an unbeatable price.
A smiling woman with curly hair sitting in a car, receiving her car keys from another person for her service
Choosing the right workshop for your car service is crucial. RMI-approved workshops adhere to stringent standards, providing quality assurance, fair pricing, and consumer protection. They offer warranties on parts and labour, ensuring peace of mind.
Hyundai service intervals
At Fangio Auto, we understand the importance of regular maintenance for your Hyundai vehicle. As an authorized Hyundai service center, we are committed to providing top-quality service to keep your car running smoothly for years to come. Our team of certified technicians follows Hyundai's recommended service intervals to ensure your vehicle receives the care it needs.
The Hyundai H100 stands out as a versatile and trusted commercial vehicle, known for its rugged reliability. To keep it performing at its peak, regular maintenance is essential. One critical area is the cylinder head overhaul, an area that often confounds many vehicle owners. If you've found yourself wondering about this vital engine component, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll address the frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you fully understand the process and make informed decisions regarding the maintenance of your Hyundai H100.
A mechanic performing a car service, focusing on engine parts.
Discover how regular oil changes are crucial in maintaining your car's health, enhancing performance, and extending its lifespan.
disc skimming
Ever wondered if disc skimming is right for your vehicle? Discover the pros and cons of this essential brake maintenance technique.
GSP CV joint repair kit for a variety of vehicles, including 200 assembled pieces
Experience clicks and noises while driving? It could be your CV joint. Dive into our comprehensive guide on CV joint repair to ensure a smoother ride.
Worn-out brake pads in need of replacement.
Is your car showing any of these 10 signs? It might be crying out for a brake pad replacement. Don't compromise on safety; read on to know when to act.
Comparison of brake disc before and after skimming.
Navigate the world of brake maintenance with confidence! Dive into the ultimate guide on brake skimming vs. replacement and make informed decisions for your vehicle's longevity.
wheel bearing replacement kit
Uncover the crucial signs indicating your car's wheel bearing is on the brink. Keep your ride smooth and safe with Fangio Auto Service.
Unearth the secrets of your vehicle's health by understanding the seven critical symptoms of a failing CV joint. From unmistakable clicking noises to unexpected steering challenges, become the detective of your drive, ensuring safety and smoothness on the road.
Driver stopped on the side of the road with car in limp mode
Ever wondered why your car suddenly goes into limp mode? Here's a detailed look into six common causes, from faulty engine sensors to brake malfunctions, and how you can fix them. Join us as we unravel the mystery behind limp mode and arm you with the knowledge to counteract it.
Group of spark plugs sitting next to each other
Your car's engine is a finely tuned machine, and at its heart are spark plugs, essential for efficient combustion and smooth performance. In this article, we explore their vital role and how to spot signs of wear.
Black Mercedes-Benz C-Class driving on a road.
Owning a Mercedes-Benz is a privilege that comes with the responsibility of keeping your vehicle in optimal condition. Regular maintenance ensures that your luxury ride continues to deliver the performance, comfort, and style you expect. In this maintenance guide, we'll break down the essential details of your Mercedes-Benz service schedule, making it easier than ever to keep your car running smoothly.
car service plan
Ensure worry-free driving with a car service plan, providing regular maintenance and cost-effective repairs for ultimate peace of mind on the road.
stripped engine
To navigate the strip and quote process effectively, it is essential to understand the distinctions and considerations involved.
Auxiliary Battery Malfunction
The auxiliary battery in a vehicle plays a crucial role in powering various electrical components when the main battery is unable to provide sufficient energy. However, like any other component, auxiliary batteries can experience malfunctions, leading to potential issues and inconvenience for vehicle owners. In this article, we will explore the causes, signs, and possible fixes for auxiliary battery malfunction.
timing belt vs timing chain
Timing belts and timing chains synchronize an engine's internal components for smooth operation. While they have a shared purpose, their construction, materials, and maintenance needs differ. In this article, we explore the specifics of timing belts and timing chains, guiding you to make an informed decision for your vehicle.
window switches
Are your window switches refusing to open and close your window? There are various components to a window, which require some investigation.
Grinding/roaring over bumps? Excessive vibrations/difficulty steering at high speeds? These could be signs of wheel bearing failure
Mercedes-Benz C-Class services
Welcome to the world of the iconic Mercedes-Benz C-Class. This luxury vehicle is the perfect combination of style, performance, and class, which is why you need a workshop that can provide you quality and service.
are you expriancing some howling or a humming sound?
oily spark plugs
There are 3 known liquids in a car that should never mix - these are oil, water & petrol. If any of these should mix, your car is indicating there is something wrong, either a crack, a leak or something is broken.  In the case of spark plugs, this is know as misfire.
At some point, your car will need spark plugs replaced. We know for a car to run correctly, the engine needs to create interval combustion in order to create energy inside the engine. What creates that combustion is spark plugs. They are what create the ignition needed to create the internal combustion in the engine. Your mechanics job is o figure out which ones need replacing and when.