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The most reliable electrical repairs for your car

The best auto electrical service happens under a workshop that does everything.

Fangio Auto has ensured that all auto electrical repair & services are kept under one workshop umbrella.

auto electrical repairs

Get top-notch auto electrician services for all your vehicle's electrical needs.

Our auto electrician offers the following services

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car diagnostics machine

Car diagnostics & more

Modern cars require their onboard computer to be tested. This is done using an OBD2 diagnostic machine. Works on OBDI and OBD 2 Cars.

Car sound & alarm

Sound upgrades & alarm upgrades for your car

reasons why you should have your car sound & alarm looked at

  • The car doesn’t lock or stays locked.
  • the radio sounds patchy & can’t pick up the signal.
  • issues with radio buttons.

Immobilizers & keys

Auto electrical service for your key & immobilizer

Common causes that indicate an auto electrician should check your immobilizer & key

  • The car stops locking & unlocking.
  • The car alarm goes off randomly.
  • The engine might not start.
  • The key in the ignition does not turn.

ECU | ECM Testing & ECU Replacement

What our auto electrician can do for you

The most common reasons why ECU becomes faulty

  • check engine light stays on after resetting.
  • engine turning off for no reason.
  • ECU has broken pins.
  • Overheating ECU.
  • Control module error when plugging in the OBDI machine.
  • erratic idle.
  • car stalling.
  • excessive fuel usage.

Replace | Repair Alternator & Starter Motor

Services we can provide related to alternators & starter motors.

when to be concerned about your alternator & starter

Our auto electrician says –  Alternators play a very important role in your car. they’re responsible for charging the system on your car.

Alternators convert mechanical energy to electrical energy to form an alternating current.

  • Dim or overly bright lights.
  • Dead battery
  • Slow or malfunctioning accessories.
  • trouble starting or frequent stalling.
  • growling or whining sounds.
  • The smell of burning rubber or wires.
  • The battery warning light goes on.

Additional auto electrical service available

Our Fangio Auto Randburg branch has a dedicated auto electrician

we offer auto electrical service for the following cars

Do you have a repair policy?

if you have a repair policy and need repairs or replacement of any auto electrical parts, we can claim directly from your insurance. Enquire about this here.

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Auto Electrical Services: Battery Solutions

Experiencing battery problems? We’ve got you covered. Our auto electrical services tackle a range of battery-related issues to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Common Battery Issues We Handle:

  • Dead Battery: The most common issue. We’ll test and replace it if necessary.
  • Corroded Terminals: We clean and secure the connections for a better flow.
  • Faulty Alternator: If your battery isn’t charging properly, we’ll check the alternator.
  • Parasitic Drain: We’ll track down any unwanted power drains that kill your battery.
  • Weak Battery: If your battery is struggling but not dead, we can assess and replace it.

Battery brands we will recommend depending on the car you have.

Willard Batteries | Exide car battery | Sabat Batteries | Original from the dealership

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Our skilled technicians know their stuff.
  • Speed: We work quickly to get you back on the road.
  • Quality: We use top-notch parts for lasting repairs.

Don’t let battery issues slow you down. Contact us for a quick and reliable fix!

Car Diagnostics: Pinpointing the Problem

Unsure what’s wrong with your car? Our advanced diagnostic tools can help. We provide comprehensive car diagnostic services to identify and address issues before they become bigger problems.

What We Offer:

  • Engine Diagnostics: We’ll check your engine’s health and pinpoint any issues.
  • Electrical System Analysis: From the battery to the wiring, we assess it all.
  • Error Code Reading: We interpret dashboard warning lights and error codes.
  • Performance Check: We evaluate your car’s performance to ensure it’s running at its best.
  • Preventive Maintenance: We identify potential problems to prevent future breakdowns.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. Schedule a diagnostic check today for peace of mind and a smoother ride!