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The Proud Legacy and Journey of Fangio Auto Through Time.

From the Streets of Argentina to the Heart of South Africa

Three decades ago, our family took a bold leap, journeying from the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina across the vast expanse of the South Atlantic Ocean, finding a new home under the South African sun. Our heritage was imbued with a fervent passion and innate skill for automobiles, a legacy we’ve lovingly handed down to the next generation.


The Legend Behind the Name​

Our brand pays homage to the iconic Juan Manuel Fangio—the legendary F1 driver who dominated the 1950s circuits. A fellow Argentinean, his star-studded legacy inspired not only our workshop's name but also our commitment to excellence. Our emblem, the Fangio Auto logo, has seen transformations over the years, and excitingly, it's gearing up for a fresh evolution.

Branching Out: From Randburg to Hermanus

Our inaugural workshop blossomed in Randburg in 2009, setting the stage for our growth. But 2021 was monumental. Amidst a pandemic that tested our industry’s mettle, our optimism and reputation paved the way for a new branch in the scenic locale of Hermanus, Western Cape.

Meet The Fangio Auto Family

Our Randburg branch thrives under the expertise of our vivacious matriarch. Her dream wheels? An Audi R8. She might jest about her 'broken English', but she's a dynamo of automobile knowledge.

Then there's Messi, our faithful mascot and arguably our most committed 'employee'. Nowadays, he relishes the serene beaches of Hermanus, embodying the spirit of our brand. Messi recently passed on in 2024

Over at Hermanus, meet Jorge—our beacon of expertise and the face of Fangio Auto in the region. If you've got car queries, he's your go-to.

Commitment to Growth and Excellence

We've consistently invested in refining our workshops, from aesthetic makeovers to procuring cutting-edge tools and software. Our team's commitment? Stellar service every single time.

Our mechanical maestros tackle everything—from compact Fiat 500s to the luxurious Aston Martins. Continuous learning ensures we ace repairs, first time, every time.

Keeping Our Promise: Communication and Car

At both our Randburg and Hermanus branches, our distinction lies not just in our expertise but in our unwavering dedication to you. We pledge to keep every customer informed at each juncture of the service. After all, while we may be the car experts, it’s your treasured vehicle under our guardianship. If you’re considering a service or repair, request a quote from our team and experience our commitment firsthand.

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Your journey with Fangio Auto doesn’t end at the workshop. Join us online and immerse yourself in our world!

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