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Maximise Your Warranty – Get Your Car Fixed Without Paying Extra!

Expert repairs using your car's warranty

How It Works

  1. To pre-book your vehicle, provide us with your policy document and a description of the issue you are experiencing.

  2. Fangio Auto will then contact the insurance company to verify that the repair or service is covered by your warranty policy.

  3. Once verification is complete, we will proceed with booking your car for the necessary repairs or service.

  4. We will gather all required documentation, reports, and evidence for the insurance company to review and authorise the job.

  5. You will be informed about the authorisation status and any potential shortfalls will be discussed.

  6. The repairs or services will then be completed.

  7. Finally, you can collect your vehicle. If there are no shortfalls, there will be no cost to you. If there are any shortfalls, they will need to be settled.

Unexpected Car Repair Costs?

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Are unexpected car repair costs burning a hole in your pocket?

Car repairs can be costly, but with your warranty, they don’t have to be. Our workshop specialises in utilising your existing warranty to cover repair costs, so you can save money and avoid financial stress.

Use Your Warranty with Us and Save!

At Fangio Auto Service, we simplify the process. We handle the paperwork and provide expert repairs covered by your warranty. This means no extra costs for you and a hassle-free experience. Book your appointment today and let us take care of everything.

List of services covered by warranties

All warranty policies are different, so you must read the terms and conditions

of your policy carefully to see what you’re covered for. Generally,

Generally an insurance a policy will cover major components including:

  • The engine
  • Transmission system
  • Fuel and ignition systems
  • Cooling system
  • Electronic and Electrical Parts
  • Gearbox (Manual and Automatic)
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Service Plans
  • and so much more..

What vehicles do we repair with your warranty?

  • Passenger type vehicles 
  • 4x4s and light commercial vehicles
  • Mini-bus (1 ton) and panel vans (private and business use only) 

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